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My Strength


Before starting a project, it is necessary to listen to your needs and expectations to determine all parameters of the project and the direction to take.


My multidisciplinary expertise supported by my ability to grasp new concepts allows me to analyze your project in depth to find possible solutions.


With my listening, my expertise and enthusiasm to meet challenges, I will find you an innovative solution that will satisfy you.

Every great scientific progress is born from a new audacity of imagination.

John Dewey

R&D Project Manager

With my knowledge and experience, I am able to help you in managing R&D project with the planning, the experiments, data analysis, intellectual property, grant applications ...

I'm able to lead a multidisciplinary team to complete the project.

You want to lead a project from fundamental R&D up to commercialization, with my experience as a researcher and entrepreneur I can help you in this task.

Scientific Advisor - Innovation

You need someone to advise you on your R&D projects to find innovative ideas. With my multidisciplinary knowledge, my ability to learn quickly and to analyze, I can assist you in your R&D projects.

With my network of contacts in universities and companies, I will be able to find technologies, processes and resources to help you in your projects.

R&D Researcher

You need a reliable and efficient person to perform the analysis of your data and find innovative solutions. I am the person you need, with my experience of 17 years in research, I will be able to make the most of your R&D experiences.

I will provide a clear and precise report will allow you to make the right decisions.

Literature review

You need a review of the scientific literature for your R&D projects, to find information to write an article, a website ... I am able to provide it.

Scientific training - Courses

You need a teacher for the chemistry course, electrochemistry, physics and other scientific fields?


I am able to help you up and give courses.

Consultant - Computers - Social Network - Blog

Looking for someone to manage your computer system, research information for your website, manage your social networks, blog. I am able to help you.

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