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The Art of Erasing Time!

More than a clinic for medical-beauty treatments.


For all people, male or female, 30 to 70 years who wish to maintain or improve the appearance of their skin and wish his appearance reflects how she feels inside.

Honor and take care of this "temple" or vehicle that allows us to exploit our full potential.

I responsible for IT management, Social Networks and Research Information for the website.

Co-founder of Canetique

In May 2010, I co-founded electrocatalysis Canetique to develop and commercialize catalysts of base metals for the reduction of oxygen in the fuel cell polymer electrolyte.

Inventor on two patents

Co-inventor of two patents (US 20140011673 A1, US 20140099571 A1) on electrocatalysts based on non-precious metals for the reduction of oxygen to the fuel cell.

The polymer electrolyte fuel cells are systems that generate electricity from environmentally friendly way as they reject only water.

Operation is simple: hydrogen is oxidized at the anode side, and oxygen is reduced on the cathode side and producing water. The characteristics of these make interesting batteries to power an electric car or power a house, because the performance of these batteries is higher than the efficiency of an internal combustion engine.

However, this technology is still expensive compared to current electricity generation technologies. One of the elements that makes this expensive technology is the catalyst used: platinum is rare and expensive. The research done during my PhD was intended to replace the platinum at the cathode by non-noble transition metals (iron, cobalt, manganese, chromium).

Specifically, we focused on determining the structure of the catalytic site for the reduction of oxygen from iron-based catalysts.

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