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Entrepreneur and Projects manager

20 years' experience in R&D and innovation

Expert in nanomaterials and materials science, renewable energy
Multidisciplinary knowledge in electrochemistry, physics, engineering; with great scientific curiosity
Easily integrates new scientific knowledge, technology, IT and management

Significant skills to analyze, understand, solve, innovate
Versatile, autonomous, intuitive, persevering, team spirit

Very good computer knowledge
Windows, Office, OriginLab, ...
Computer (installation, configuration, repair)
Web, social networks

Bilingual French-English

"The best scientist is open to experience
and it's begin with romance
- The idea that anything is possible. "

Ray Bradbury


Nanomaterials - Electrocatalysts

Microporous Carbones, nanotubes, graphene, metallic nanoparticles, ...
Production by chemical, electrochemical, mechanical alloying or heat treatment methods.
Surface analysis methods such as spectroscopy, microscopy (XPS, BET, ToF-SIMS, TEM) ...
Electrochemical analysis methods (voltammetry, impedance ...)

Renewable energy

Fuel cell, lithium-ion battery, catalysts, membranes, bipolar plates
42 scientific articles, 10 with more than 100 citations, including 2 in prestigious journals (Science and Nature Communication) (


Polymer Science
Analytical Chemistry
Powder Compaction


Microsoft Office



Acquisition and easy understanding of new software

Field of knowledge

Project Manager | Research and Development

Develop R&D projects; establish experimental systems and testing procedures.

Analyze, evaluate data.

Writing scientific papers and reports.

Prepare grant applications and reports such as PSVT, I2I, Engage ...

Administration Management

Collaborate with the business plan and market analysis for starting a business.

Participate in the management of intellectual property, patent applications.

Writing technical reports for R&D tax credits.

Manage the laboratory; buy, repair, IT asset management.

Participate in Board of Directors.

Ensure the technical relationship with large companies, employees and various universities worldwide.

Training | Supervision

Ensure and implement the application of health and safety rules.

Supervise and train students (master and doctoral) and postdoctoral staff.

IT Management

IT management (setting up, recovery, data backup, ...).
Social networks.

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